ROM text tools

NodeJS utilities to help translating ROMs from 90’s consoles using Relative Search algorithm.

Game Boy ROM Visualizer

Game Boy’s 2BPP graphic viewer. Initially done with Elixir but ported to JavaScript.

Rex Game

Remake of Google’s Chrome offline game.


Pokedex web interface using AngularJS, NodeJS and Docker to lift the whole structure.

PCM to Web Audio

Convert PCM data like .wav to web audio format and play it.

Game Boy CPU Emulator

Game Boy CPU emulator written in NodeJS

NPM for Fonts

Font manager as CLI. All Google Fonts available allowing you to download, convert them into all web formats, and generate font-faces automatically. Written in NodeJS.

Chupa Cabra

Command line to harvest paginated HTTP resources.

Frequency Message Generator

Write text messages and convert it to frequency alphabet.

Matrix CSS Effect

Digital rain matrix effect written in CSS3