About me

I’ve been working as a Software Engineer for nearly 12 years now and have had the opportunity to work with amazing people and very exciting projects. Developing solutions from the Olympics to the biggest ride hailing app solution in the Eastern Africa region

Right now I am working at TIER, world’s leading solution for urban micromobility present in Europe, Middle East and USA. I’m part of the IoT team developing the backend services that integrates with the vehicle’s hardware.

During this journey I collaborated with over 20 nationalities! 🌐

As far as technology goes, I’ve been developing using NodeJS, Elixir, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes and some more in the recent years.

I enjoy functional programming and try to keep an eye in the Developer Experience and code simplicity.

I am a huge advocate of Feature Flags as a mitigation/roll-out mechanism!

Public key: 7C2C076F0336FD3CE6CF093CAA3CA15BF54D8736

You can reach me here or here.